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Many of you working from home or in and out of the office may be looking for a good pair of TWS earbuds that are good for personal and business use with calls and meetings.

Are the Logitech Zone TWS earbuds it?!

logitech zone tws

Many customers have been asking for a good pair of earbuds with seamless connectivity to computer and mobile phone with a good microphone for calls.

Because there's been no good options, you may have resulted to a pair of earbuds from brands like Apple, Sony, Bose and many others.

The amount of choices you have for a pair of TWS earbuds is endless. Just do a quick Amazon or Google search and it will make your head spin.

Everyday there's a certain percentage of customers who refuse to wear what you'd refer to as a "call center headset" or "space helmet".

Maybe you don't want to mess up your hair, headsets give you headaches, or you want something that's good for both your personal and business use. 

Open the Logitech Zone TWS tech specs here

Before choosing the Logitech Zone TWS Earbuds, lets set realistic expectations.

Lets be clear that no TWS earbuds as of 2022 will out perform a headset with a mic boom like the Jabra Evolve2 75, Orosound Tilde Pro or Poly Voyager 4320 UC for example. 

If your main concern is to have the best possible voice quality to be heard crystal clear while reducing background noise, earbuds no matter the brand may not be the best way to go.

Depending on what's most important to you, earbuds and headsets have their pros and cons so whichever you choose, you'll have to make some sort of sacrifice. 

That being said, in our opinion the Logitech Zone TWS for a pair of earbuds has a more than acceptable microphone quality for your calls and meetings.

You also get advanced features and better connectivity then you would in comparison to other earbuds you'd be comparing against. 

Don't take our word for it, watch the video below and you can be the judge for yourself if this is your next TWS earbud purchase.

Logitech Zone TWS Review + Mic Test Video

Let's take a look at some of the main features and benefits of the Logitech Zone TWS.

Advanced feature most earbuds don't offer

Included is a proprietary USB adapter to connect with your computer or laptop. Whether your compuiter has USB-A or USB-C, the adapter will connect to both USB types.

The included USB adapter isn't just a Bluetooth Dongle. There's proprietary software within the adapter to give you a better audio and connectivity experience.

What are those additional benefits you get?

Remote call control

When you connect the Logitech Zone TWS earbuds to your computer, you'll be able to answer/end calls from your earbuds when away from the computer with compatible apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Google Voice as of right now (there will be more in the future).

For example,  if you step away from your computer to grab a cup of coffee, you won't have to run back to the desk to answer a call. Leading to less missed calls. phone tag and voicemails. 

You'd think any wireless headset or earbuds would allow this feature when connecting to call apps on your computer, but that isn't the case unfortunately. 


The headsets are stored in a nice carry case, has a USB-C port in the front of the case as well as you can charge it on a wireless charger for more charging flexibility.

I wish it had storage for the USB adapter as it's very small and can easily be lost. That being said, typically you would leave the USB adapter connected to your computer so it's not a huge deal.


With a graphite finish to the front of the headset and mesh on top of the earbud gives it a sleek look and better chance to block out noise around you.

It comes with multiple wearing gels to fit your ear best (small, medium, large).

In the case is also your Bluetooth pairing button in the case you need to re-pair to your phone.


There's only one button on the right earbud for launching Microsot Teams meetings, answering/ending calls and quite a few other things you can do with the buttons.

On the left earbud it's touch sensitive to turn on/off your ANC.

Something I also found very nice is the in ear detection sensor on the bottom side of the earbuds. When you take your earbuds out it can pause your music and replay when you put the earbuds back in

How they fit

When I put the earbuds in they felt very comfortable, especially once you find the right ear gel size for your ear.

They stuck out a little bit more then I would have liked, but definitely not a deal breaker by any means.


This is where the Logitech Zone TWS really shine! Out of the box the earbuds are pre-paired to the USB Dongle, so as soon as you connect to your computer you're up and running.

Pairing to your mobile phone is very easy as well and the connectivity is seamless. Bluetooth headsets in general, even with multi point connectivity have a hard time knowing when you want to use them on your computer or mobile phone.

The Logitech Zone TWS did really good in this area knowing when to switch between my computer and mobile phone.

I didn't have to mess with the audio sources to much to get it to work on my preferred device.

Logi Tune App

You can download the Logi Tune software to adjust the settings on your headset (for windows, Mac or mobile phone).

You can adjust the ANC, EQ settings and customize the buttons. If your company doesn't allow software to be downloaded, you could download the Logi Tune app on your mobile phone as a work around to keep your headset up to date and adjust additional features like mentioned above.

This gives you more flexibility that other earbud brands don't offer.

If you're an IT Manager you can also download Logitech Sync which allows you to monitor, measure and push updates to all the employees using the Logitech Zone TWS.


One of the main benefits of the Logitech Zone TWS is the integration between Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet is the integration that Logitech has Built.

Meaning, on any of these apps you'll be able to press a button on your headset to answer/end calls when away from the computer. This gives you a new level of freedom with your earbuds.


The battery life is rated up to 5 hours with ANC on and 6 hours if off. It goes all the way up to 12 hours listening to music without ANC on.

Overall, the battery is pretty good and comparable to other earbuds in this category.

If you're a phone or meeting power user and need peace of mind you have a wireless headset that will keep up with your work schedule, this is one area you'll want to be catious of.

The last thing you want is calls lost because of a low battery. 

Transparency mode

Switching to transparency mode allows you to hear what's going on around you in the case you want to be aware of your surroundings. 

Blocking out to much noise can be unsafe in certain scenarios, so this feature comes in handy at times if you're on a walk or bike ride for example.

Music quality

Listening to music was a little flat at first but when I adjusted the audio setting in the app through the EQ tool, I was able to put on bass boost mode and it gave me what I was looking for.

A good mix of mids, lows and volume! The audio was also very good for video meetings and phone calls to hear clear, even in a louder work environment.

Noise canceling microphone

One of the biggest concerns with we have with earbuds is microphone quality and noise cancellation.

If you're in a loud working environment, one of your main concerns may be having a headset with a noise canceling microphone so callers don't hear your dogs barking, co-workers talking or kids crying.

After our microphone test we found it sounded good in a quiet environment, and blocked out a decent amount of the background noise but wasn't perfect by any means.

Most earbuds are very poor quality in this category so the Logitech Zone TWS surprised us. In addition, when we did our microphone test, although you could hear some of the background noise, my voice still came across clearly. 

If wireless is out of the budget, check out the Logitech Zone wired earbuds.

Final Thoughts

Overall, in comparison to all the other choices, very few hold up well for a business application.

if you like the idea of using earbuds instead of a headset for your business use, we'd highly recommend the Logitech Zone TWS earbuds.

The price is right, microphone is decent, and you get seamless connectivity to your computer and mobile phone with added integrations to computer apps like Teams, Zoom and Google that most other earbuds don't offer.

LogitechLogitech earbudsLogitech tws earbudsLogitech zoneLogitech zone twsTws earbuds

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