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If your Plantronics Voyager 5200 headset stopped working properly, there's two troubleshooting solutions you can try.

For other helpful guides visit the Plantronics Voyager 5200 resource center

Voyager 5200 Reset

1. Unpair the Voyager 5200 headset from your cell phone

2. Power off your cell phone

3. Power on your cell phone

4. Re-pair the Voyager 5200 headset to your cell phone

5. Test the headset to see if that helped. If not follow the Voyager 5200 firmware update.


Voyager 5200 Firmware Update

1. Plug your Voyager 5200 headset into the computer

2. Download the Plantronics Hub 

3. Update the firmware in your Voyager 5200 by clicking in the Plantronics Hub "Notifications" then either hit update or "check for updates"


Is your Voyager 5200 no longer working after the troubleshooting steps below?

Consider ordering a replacement headset that many customers are now switching to. Learn more here.



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If neither of these troubleshooting steps help your Voyager 5200 headset get back to working right, most likely the headset is defective. If you've had your headset over a year, then you will be past the 1 year warranty period and need to purchase a new headset. If it's been under a year, visit Plantronics warranty service to request a replacement. 

If your Voyager 5200 headset was ordered from us, contact us today and we will have a replacement expedited. 

For more troubleshooting tips, visit the Plantroncs Voyager 5200 troubleshooting guide 

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