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Most people feel they can buy most any headset and it will work fine on their phone or computer, and they also feel it will sound good enough. 

Whether it’s a pair of earbuds, or that cheap headset with a noise canceling microphone and 4,000 reviews you’ve been looking at on Amazon, they should get the job done, right? Not so fast. 

You see, there’s more to a headset than how it looks, what it connects to and of course, how much it costs.

Consider these simple, but very important points: 

  • Compatibility - is it really compatible with your computer or mobile device? 
  • Comfort - how comfortable is it? 
  • Voice sound quality - how good are you going to sound if you use it for your business calls? 
  • Noise reduction - though it says “noise canceling microphone”, how much of that unwanted background noise will it actually eliminate? 

Though these things may appear to be obvious considerations, many people assume that an inexpensive, or said another way, cheap headsets, perform good enough to use in business. 

With nearly three decades of helping businesses with their headset needs, we know otherwise. You get what you pay for. When you buy a cheap headset, you really shouldn’t expect it to sound good, nor do a great job in removing unwanted background noise.

orosound tilde pro

Comfort and compatibility are hit and miss, so you’ll want to proceed with caution if you’ve decided that a cheap headset is your cup of tea. 

In this blog, I’m going to provide you with an overview of how a pair of earbuds, and a cheap headset found on Amazon that claims to be noise canceling, and has 4,000 reviews does when put up against some unwanted background noise. 

I’ll also discuss how they both sound when no background noise is present. 

Lastly, I’ll compare those two headsets to a model that we highly recommend for it’s comfort, and exceptional sound quality, the Orosound Tilde Pro. 

But, before I begin, you may want to listen to these headsets, and hear how they do to remove unwanted background noise in our comparison video.

Spoiler alert: the earbuds, and cheap headset don’t do a great job. But, you’ll want to hear for yourself, and come to your own conclusion. Here’s the video if you’d like to view it. In total, it’s about 10 minutes. 

If you’re still reading, then I’ll fill you in on how the headsets mentioned above performed, and I’ll also give you some solid reasons why you should consider the Orosound Tilde Pro if you use a headset for work. 

First, how did the earbuds perform when no distracting background noise was present? To me, they sounded acceptable. Not exceptional, just acceptable, and for most people, I think they’d find them to be ok for use in business. But, when you introduce some unwanted background noise, everything changes. 

We introduced different noise to the environment, such as office noises, dogs barking and of course no microphone test would be complete without our signature blender test.

We literally place a Vitamix blender a short distance away, and turn it up on high. So how did the earbuds do? How do I say this….uh, not that great. 

The microphone struggled to maintain a clear, unclipped voice, and it failed in preventing these sounds from infiltrating into the call. This isn’t to say that all earbuds will perform in a similar fashion, but you’ll want to pay careful attention to any earbuds you might consider making sure it has a verifiably good noise canceling microphone. That is, if sounding good on your business calls is important to you. 

Moving on, how did the Amazon, cheap headset with 4,000 reviews do? 

When no background noise was present, this headset worked, but that’s about all I can say about it. Did it sound great, or even good? As headsets go, I’d have to say it sounded, well, cheap.

There was a distinct lack of audio sound quality, and sounded tinny. Clearly this isn’t a headset that’s going to make you sound your best, and isn’t that how we all want to sound? 

Next, how did this cheap headset do when there was background noise present? Just like the earbuds, this “noise canceling” headset didn’t make the grade, and failed the test.

All of the background noise was easily heard which suggests that this noise canceling microphone isn’t really canceling much noise. In fact, it may not even be a noise canceling microphone at all.

At least based on the way it performed. So, if you work in an environment where there are distractive noises going on in the background, you’ll surely want to think twice, no, make that many times, before pulling the trigger on getting this Amazon 4k review special.

If your work and success matter, then paying attention to the little things, which includes how you sound, matters. 

That brings me to the Orosound Tilde Pro. How did it perform against the same tests, and why do we enthusiastically recommend it? 

When you want to sound your best, and minimize background distractions, the Tilde Pro should be on your short list. One could argue that it should be the only headset on the list. Here’s why: 

tilde pro

Sounding your best 

The Tilde Pro, simply stated, makes you sound great. When you hear how good it sounds, you’ll quickly understand how it differs from other headsets. Not all headsets give you this same level of great sound, and rich tones.

The other two headsets discussed in this blog article are two examples, though that list could extend to countless others. In short, you just can’t easily find a headset that sounds this good, period. 

When you use a headset for business purposes, sounding good to your callers has value. If you sound tinny, scratchy, far away, overpowering etc., it can easily convey a negative impression.

That’s not what you want when you’re wanting to inform, persuade, and even close a sale. You need every advantage you can get, and a good starting point is sounding your best. That’s what the Orosound Tilde Pro delivers. 

Turn down that background noise 

The Tilde Pro also does an amazing job of removing unwanted background noise. We put it up against the same annoying sounds as we did with the other headsets, and the Tilde Pro passed with flying colors. 

The office noise, dogs barking and even the dreaded blender were all handled with ease. This means that if you’re working from home where you likely have a wide assortment of distractive noises, the Tilde Pro can handle it. Or, if you work around coworkers that are carrying on like it’s a New Year’s celebration, the Tilde Pro has your back. 

The microphone on the Tilde Pro is not only noise canceling, but it’s removable. You see, the microphone boom attaches to the body of the headset magnetically. Hoover it

near the home position, and the magnets do the rest. For those times when you’re on business calls, use the microphone. Or, for those times when you’re chilling out to some music, remove it to switch to headphone mode. The Tilde Pro adapts. 

Distractions handled 

orosound tilde pro headphones

Another feature that’s highly useful, and one you won’t find on the fifty buck chuck headset, is Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC for short. 

ANC is an electronic feature that’s designed to eliminate unwanted background noise so you don’t get distracted by it. What’s the big deal with hearing some background noise you ask? 

According to Gloria Mark, a researcher at UC Irvine, the typical office worker gets distracted, on average, ten times per day. Each time there’s a distraction, it can take over twenty three minutes to regain your focus prior to the distraction. 

If you’d like to read more on her study, you can find out more here

Distractions have a very real negative effect on worker productivity. And, for those who want to get ahead, being productive is important. And, a simple way to help you stay focused is to not allow distractions to interfere with your concentration. That can be accomplished through the ANC feature on the Tilde Pro. 

The Tilde Pro ANC feature allows you to increase or decrease how much background noise you hear. This puts you in control of your environment, and helps you to stay focused. 

Face to face conversations made simple 

With the Tilde Pro, you can have face-to-face conversations while wearing the headset, without the need to remove it. So, if someone comes up to you, and wants to have a conversation, you simply press the Aware+ button on the side of the headset, and you can have a natural conversation. 

This feature helps to avoid the annoyance and frustration of constantly having to take off the headset every time you want to talk with someone. This can happen a lot throughout the day, so this is a great feature to have, and one not commonly found on headsets no matter how much they cost.

Talk until the cows come home, and leave again 

The Tilde Pro is a headset that keeps you connected to your customers. It not only comes with a 28 hour talk time battery, but it can also be used as a wired headset. This means you only need to charge the headset about once a week, rather than everyday like many other headsets.

And, if you forget to recharge it, the conversations continue because the Tilde Pro comes with a charging cable that not only charges the battery, but it allows you to use it while it’s being recharged. 

This is a feature you just won’t find on the majority of headsets. And those earbuds and fifty buck chuck? Forget about it, because this isn’t a feature you’re going to find on those little gems. 

Boom goes the dynamite 

Though the Tilde Pro is a reliable business warrior, it also doubles as a mad music machine. It features a pair of sweet 40mm speakers with distortion of less than 0.2% which means your music is going to sound great. Bumping lows, pleasing mids, and sharp highs all come standard with the Tilde Pro. 

You might say that the Orosound Tilde Pro is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. And speaking of clothing, did I mention that this headset is French? 

Who is Orosound?

Orosound was brought to life by Eric Benhaim, a noted expert in Artificial Intelligence and signal processing, and Pierre Guiu, whose reputation was forged within the biggest audio brands in Asia and Europe. The business partners have been working for years to build France’s industrial future.

They founded Orosound in 2015 with the desire to place R&D at the heart of the corporate strategy. The team made up of 80% engineers develops high-performance audio technologies and products for Orosound, but also for the biggest technology and luxury brands on the market.

orosound tech company

French form factor 

orosound tilde pro gif

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the Orosound Tilde Pro is designed, and manufactured in France. And, I feel safe in saying that the French do know a thing or two about design.

We’ve all heard about all things French such as French clothing, French perfumes, French Concorde, French Wine and could even include French Fries, though those were actually first spotted in Belgium. But hey, nobody ever ordered Belgium Fries, so I’m sticking with those being French. 

The point is, the French pay attention to details, and those details are evident in the Tilde Pro. The design has an elegance to it, and you’ll see attractive fabric used on it too. Fabric isn’t something you normally see used on a headset, but the fabric Orosound used helps to give the Tilde Pro a unique, premium look. 

Longer warranty = Longer peace of mind 

Most wireless headsets will come with a one or two year warranty. And though that’s pretty standard in the industry, the Orosound Tilde Pro comes with a full three year warranty. This means you’ll not only have an awesome headset, but you’ll have longer peace of mind knowing that it’s covered for a full three years.

Bottom Line 

If you’re in need of a new headset for your work, and you’d also like one that can give you great sound when listening to media, look no further than the Orosound Tilde Pro. 

For all the reasons noted in this blog, and a lot more, makes the Tilde Pro an easy decision. 

You get superb audio quality, so you’ll sound like a Rock God when interacting with coworkers and customers. 

You get great fidelity in the ear speakers for those times that you’re wanting to kick back and listen to some music. 

You get a battery that’s robust enough to only require a recharge weekly rather than daily like so many other models require. And, the Tilde Pro can even be used as a wired headset for even great versatility. 

You get exceptional background noise reduction for your callers, and also for you. Your callers will be happy, and so will you because you won’t be distracted by all that noise going on around you. 

You can remove the microphone when it’s not needed which transforms your business headset into a media headset. That’s something you won’t see in other wireless headsets, 

The warranty is longer too, so your peace of mind extends for an additional year or two over other headset brands. And who doesn’t like, and appreciate longer peace of mind, right? 

All in all, the Orosound Tilde Pro has exceptional sound, and it represents an exceptional value. Put one to work for you, and I guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied. 

Don't take our word for it. See what others are saying.

Mark Sparrow from Forbes says:

"The Tilde Pro is a great wireless headset with a superb design and luxurious feel. It works well as a pair of headphones for listening to music, plus it’s a superb headset for phone calls and video chats. The ANC function works well and goes a long way to reducing fatigue when working in a noisy office"

You can see the full review on Forbes here

tilde pro review

Lex Strickland from Gadgeteer says:

"At low noise levels indoors I could only tell a slight difference with ANC mode turned off or on. Then I wore the set while mowing. Oh my goodness. The Tilde Pros -really- brought the noise to a level so low I was able to listen to a radio station stream at normal volume. With some other devices I’ve used when mowing, the volume has to be so loud that it defeats the purpose of having the hearing protection on."

You can read the full review here

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