How To Switch Your Plantronics CS540 (C054) From An Ear Hook To Headband | Headset Advisor

Step 1

Remove your Plantronics C054 ear gel. Replacement ear hook pack (3 ear hooks, 2 ear gels, 1 foam sleeve) remove c054 ear gel

Step 2

Rotate your ear hook 90 degrees and you'll feel the ear hook unlock and now can be removed. remove c054 ear hook

Step 3

Line up the headband with your CS540 earpiece and install the headband. Replacement CS540 (C054) headband c054 headband attachment

Step 4

Rotate your CS540 earpiece microphone 90 degrees to be used on your left or right ear, whichever you prefer. *2 step Plantronics C054 battery replacement guide rotate cs540 headset
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