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Good products can always get better, and in this blog I’ll discuss a couple of products that did. I’m referring to the Discover Adapt 20, and Adapt 30 wireless headsets.

And if you’re not familiar with this headset brand, I’d understand that because when people think of business headsets, names like Plantronics (now called Poly), and Jabra are the ones that typically come to mind.

That’s not to suggest that wireless headsets without those logos aren’t good, and worth considering, because there are many that are. 

In this blog, I’ll do two things; 

  1. I’ll provide the details on the new enhancements that the Discover Adapt 20, and 30 now offer. 
  2. And because this brand may be one that’s flying under most people’s radar, I’ll give you an overview of these two Discover branded headsets

Ring Detection 

discover adapt 20 with headset hanger

Using a wireless headset for work can really help to make voice communications better in so many different ways. One of the ways where wireless headsets really shine is being able to take an incoming phone call when you’re away from your desk.

This is a feature that’s available if your wireless headset is optimized for use with your UC platform, and it’s called remote call answering. This highly popular feature begins with ring detection. 

So, what is ring detection? This is a headset feature that notifies you of an incoming call by giving you a quiet beep sound in the headset earpiece. Once you hear this sound, you’ll know that you have an incoming call. 

There are a lot of wireless headsets to choose from, but many of them aren’t optimized for use with the leading UC platforms. And because of that, they can’t give you ring detection, and remote call answering. The good news is the Discover Adapt 20, and 30 are now able to give you ring detection. 

Remote call answering 

discover adapt 20 with ringcentral

The feature that follows ring detection is remote call answering. In other words, once you hear the beep tone notifying you of an incoming call, what do you do? Frantically sprint back to your desk hoping to catch that call before the caller hangs up? Maybe you just let it go to voicemail.

But if you do, you’ll be spending a lot of time listening to voice messages, and returning a bunch of phone calls. And when you return those calls, you’ll probably end up in their voicemail too. 

The good news is remote call answering solves that problem. Once you hear that tone that alerts you of an incoming call, simply press the call control button on your headset earpiece, and you can take that call to the distance of your wireless headset which can be as far as 300 feet . 

This remote call answering feature is now available on the Discover Adapt 20 and Adapt 30 wireless headsets. And it’s worth mentioning that a lot of wireless headsets when used with RingCentral can’t offer this feature, but fortunately the Adapt 20 and 30 are two models that do. 

Having ring detection, and remote call answering are two features that work together to give you more value when using your wireless headset. 

  • You won’t be missing any of those important phone calls
  • You won’t be listening to as many voice messages 
  • You won’t be spending time returning a bunch of phone calls
  • You’ll have more freedom to move around your workplace to get that cup of coffee, talk to a coworker, grab that document off the printer and more. All while being accessible to your callers. 

Integrated microphone mute 

discover adapt 20 mute with ringcentral

Ok, you’re probably asking yourself, what the heck is that? It’s actually a very simple feature that before this Discover headset update, wasn’t available. 

Now, you can mute your headset microphone from the headset when you’re using RingCentral. Previously, you were required to return to your desk, and mute the microphone from the RingCentral application which wasn’t ideal because you might be away from your desk when you want to activate that feature. 

discover adapt 20 mute

Now when you’re away from your desk, on a call, and want to mute your microphone, simply press the headset mute button. No more having to return to the desk and mouse your way to a muted microphone. 

This feature may sound somewhat insignificant, but for those who use wireless headsets, it’s actually a very useful feature.

So to summarize these new updated features. 

  1. When you’re away from your desk, and using RingCentral service, you can now hear in your headset a tone that alerts you of an incoming call. 
  2. Once you hear that tone, you can now press the call control button on the Discover headset to take the call at the desk, or when away. 3. You can now mute the headset microphone from the headset, rather than having to return to your desk to mute the microphone from within the application. 

As I said in the beginning of this blog, a good headset can always get better, and this is one example where that’s true. The Discover Adapt 20, and Adapt 30 are very good wireless headsets, but with these new enhancements, they both just got better. 

Not familiar with the Discover Adapt 20 or Adapt 30? 

For those who aren’t familiar with these headsets, I’ll give you a broad overview so that you’ll have a better sense of what they’re all about. 

Mono or Duo, your choice

One of the unique features of these two headsets is they can be easily converted from a single ear headset, to a double. The ear speaker and microphone assembly snaps off which allows you to select the headband of your choice.

Sounds simple I know, but the truth is, this is a unique design because it’s a headband style headset that’s able to be changed from a single ear wearing style, to a double. 

For those that want to keep one ear open to hear their surroundings, they’d select the mono, or single ear headband. But, many people find surrounding room noise to be distracting, and makes concentrating difficult.

For those people, they’d opt for the duo, or double ear headband. And by the way, when the double ear is selected, both speakers are active, rather than one active ear speaker sharing the audio. 

When you purchase the Discover Adapt 30 DECT wireless headset, it comes with both mono and duo wearing styles. So you can switch from one to the other whenever you want because they’re both included. 

The Discover Adapt 20 Bluetooth wireless headset comes with your choice of a mono or duo headband, but you can purchase separately either of these headbands as an accessory. So for example, if you ordered a Discover Adapt 20 wireless headset with a single ear, mono headband, you can also purchase a duo, or double ear headband if you’d like to have that wearing option. 

Wireless range 

discover adapt 20 with mono and duo headband

The wireless talk range that you get with these two headsets are pretty standard. 

The Discover Adapt 30, being a DECT headset will give you about 5-10 times the wireless range of a typical Bluetooth headset. The Adapt 30 is rated to give you up to 300 feet of talk range, so you have a lot of distance to walk and talk. And this 300 feet of wireless range is very standard for DECT wireless headsets overall. 

The Adapt 20, on the other hand, is a Bluetooth headset and it gives you about 50-100 feet of wireless talk range which is what most Bluetooth headsets offer. 


discover adapt 30 connected to desk phone with ringcentral

If the Discover Adapt 20 and 30 are unfamiliar to you, then it would make sense to know what they connect to. Well, here’s what they work with. 

The Discover Adapt 30 connects to a desk phone, and computer, and the Adapt 20 works with computers and mobile devices. So, depending on

what you need a wireless headset to connect to, one of these headsets is bound to be a good solution. 

Battery Life 

Being that these are both wireless headsets, it’s good to know how much talk time you get. 

The quick answer is this: 

The Discover Adapt 20 - 20 hours of talk time 

The Discover Adapt 30 - 8 hours of talk time 

When you compare these two headsets side by side, you’ll see that they look nearly identical. That could cause you to wonder why the battery life is so much different. The short answer is that DECT headsets require more power to operate, and to give that longer wireless range.

Bluetooth headsets these days have much longer battery life in part due to the fact that Bluetooth headsets require less power, and they also give you less range. 

Charging base

The charging base for the Adapt 20 is optional and it's only for charging. Without the charging base you can charge your headset with the included USB cord. Whereas the Adapt 30 needs the charging base with AC power connected in order for it to work.

Both are made for two different types of workers, and depending on the devices you need to connect a headset to would determine which model you'd choose.

Noise canceling microphone 

discover adapt 30

One of the features on a headset that customers put high value on is a noise canceling microphone. That’s because customers want to sound their best, but they also don’t want their customers to hear any background noise.

A good quality headset will have a good quality microphone that’s noise canceling. The Discover Adapt 20, and 30 both come with excellent microphones so you’ll sound loud, clear and professional, and the noise canceling feature prevents your callers from hearing everything in your background. 


Both of these Discover wireless headsets come with a full 3-year warranty which is longer than you’ll find on just about any other brand. Many wireless headsets have a 1-year warranty, while others may offer a 2-year warranty. The Discover Adapt 20 and 30 give you longer peace of mind, and help you to avoid out of pocket expenses for repairs or replacements due to the longer warranty. 

Budget Tight? Here’s a great suggestion 

We all know that budgets can be tight sometimes, and if you’re in need of some new technology products, such as headsets, there might not be enough money to purchase them. So, what do you do? 

  • Buy less of what you need? 
  • Buy a lesser quality product that’s cheaper? 
  • Wait until next budget year with the hope that money will be available? 

Whatever it is you do, there’s a better option. Rather than purchase your headsets, why not lease them instead? 

You might be asking yourself, Why would I do that? Well, here’s some food for thought. 

  1. You don’t have to come up with that upfront money to make the purchase. 

  2. You preserve your funds for use in your business. 

  3. You get one low, monthly, payment that’s affordable, and fixed which makes it predictable, and easy for those involved with budgets, accounting and Accounts Payable. 

  4. And best of all, you’re not stuck with headsets that are no longer meeting your needs. You might have to hold on to them until they’re fully depreciated, which can take you into a time where they aren’t doing what you need. Leasing allows you to refresh your headsets periodically which means you’ll always have headsets that are meeting your needs. 

  5. And finally, you won’t have to figure out how to dispose of those headsets once they break, or become old, and obsolete and end up in a box in your storeroom. Sending them to an e-waste recycler will cost you some money. Repurposing them will be met with resistance because there are a lot of people who don’t want to use previously used devices due to the fear of the spread of germs, especially these days in a Covid environment.

When you lease your headsets, we’ll take care of disposing of them, so you don’t have to. We’ll even pay to have them shipped back to us. 

To find out about these programs, contact us today.

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