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If you use any of the phones listed below, then this blog is for you, because I’ll let you know about some new headsets that work very well with all of them. Even if you’re currently using a headset, you still need to read this blog because these headsets can do some things that yours can’t. 

yealink wh63

Make sure that you’re using one of these phones in order to take advantage of the features you’ll be learning about here shortly. 


6945, 7821, 7841, 7861, 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, 7975G, 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865 


96xx series, 16xx series, J1xx series 


Soundpoint iP335, 320, 330, 331, 430, 450, 670, 650, 560, 550 and VVX series. 


GRP, GXP16xx, GXP17xx, GXP21xx series 


X3 series 

Ok, assuming you’re using one of these phones, and you have a certain amount of curiosity to know about these headsets, then here’s what you need to know.


Skip to the compatible wireless headsets here or continue reading (either model of Yealink headset you choose will require the EHS60 adapter)

Sound quality, and noise reduction

These are two very important aspects of a good business headset. That’s because you want to sound great on your calls, and you also don’t want your callers hearing all that noise going on around you. And you know what I’m talking about here.

Noise like your enthusiastic coworkers, noise like dogs barking or babies crying. Noise like cars, trains, lawnmowers and the list goes on. We all have noise to deal with, and when we’re on important business calls, you want as much of that noise suppressed as possible. 

Right about now you might be thinking that the headsets you’re now using have a noise canceling microphone, so what’s my point here? To help answer that, I can say with the utmost confidence that not all noise canceling headset microphones are the same.

The truth is, some do a respectable job at removing noise, others do a poor job, and there are a select few that do a superb job. The headsets I’m talking about in this blog fit into the last category; superb job. 

So, if eliminating the highest amount of unwanted background noise is important to you, then keep reading because these headsets will outperform whatever it is you’re currently using. 

Wireless talk range

A lot of wireless headset users find wireless range to be important. And when it comes to wireless range, more is always better. More wireless range translates into giving you more freedom to move around your work area. And with that longer range comes greater productivity, higher adoption rates and better customer service. 

I bring up wireless range because the headsets I’ll be introducing you to here in a moment are the longest range wireless headsets we’ve ever tested. And I have to say, we test a lot of headsets. And by the way, the brand of headsets that I’m talking about are Yealink, and more specifically, the Yealink WH62, and WH63 models. 

When these two wireless headsets were first introduced, they were mostly compatible with Yealink phones. That meant you’d have to use Yealink phones in order to use these Yealink headsets. That’s changed, because as I mentioned earlier, they can now be used with more brands, and models. 

Why these headsets over the ones you’re using now? 

  • Better background noise cancellation. The microphone’s ability to remove unwanted sounds is top notch. One test of a good noise canceling microphone besides how much noise it can reduce, is whether or not it can maintain good voice audio quality when it’s working to remove noise.

    Both of these Yealink models did a superior job to keep the voice audio quality sounding professional, while it eliminated nearly all of the background noise. A lot of headsets are unable to do this because they might do a good job at reducing noise, but can’t keep you sounding good
    at the same time. but in doing so, fail to maintain good voice audio quality.
  • Longer wireless range is another good reason. And when I say longer wireless range, I’m not meaning just a little, I’m meaning a lot. We tested these headsets for wireless range, and they outperformed any other headset we’ve ever tested. And that’s saying something given that we test a lot of different brands, and models. 

  • Wearing choices. The Yealink WH62 is available in an over-the-head single ear, or double ear configuration. You can also get the WH63 which is a convertible headset that comes with a headband, a behind the neck band, and ear loops for on-ear wearing. So, you have choices on how you wear the headset, and the good news is all these different wearing options are all included when you buy the WH63. 

yealink wh62

So rather than being limited to one wearing style only, you have a few different ways you can wear the Yealink headsets; over one ear, over two ears, or the WH63 convertible model that gives you three uniquely different ways to wear it.

  • Remote Call Answering. This is a highly popular feature that allows you to step away from your desk, and still be able to answer and end an incoming call. So when a call comes in, you’ll hear a quiet beep sound in your headset earpiece. Once you hear this tone, simply press the answer/end (call control) button on the side of the headset earpiece to take the call, and press it a second time to end it. 

  • Dual connectivity. Besides being able to work with the phones mentioned earlier, you can also use these headsets with your computer. We’re all using our computers for a lot of different things including voice and video communications. We also use them for training, managing, monitoring, and even entertainment during the workday like listening to music for example. Using one of these Yealink wireless headsets gives you the ability to toggle between using your headset with your desk phone, and for those applications used on our computers. One headset for both devices. 

  • Price. One of the signature trademarks of these new Yealink headsets is the price. Generally speaking, Yealink headsets give you a lot of nice features, for a fair and reasonable price. In fact, you can expect to pay less for these headsets compared to the models they compete against. Price can be an important factor in headset decision making, so having several models to choose from with modest prices, certainly has its appeal. 

The bottom line is this; if you use one of the phones referenced above, and you’d like an upgrade in wireless range, and noise reduction, you’re welcome to search high, and low, but the fact is, you won’t find any headset that gives you what these headsets can. 

Longer wireless range means you can expand your wireless radius so you can get more done, and you’ll stay connected with your callers. 

And having superior noise reduction means you won’t be worrying about your callers hearing the noise going on around you, because they won’t.

And with the remote call feature, you’ll be able to seamlessly take calls when you’re away from your desk, up to the distance of the wireless headset. And as I mentioned, that’s farther than any other headset out there. 

The real benefits of being able to take incoming calls when you’re away from your desk really means your callers can reach you easier.

And when they do, they’re happier simply because they were able to reach you, and they didn’t have to leave a voice message. 

You’re happier too because you’re not having to wade through that mountain of voice messages, and then returning all those calls. Which by the way will probably end up in their voicemail box too. 

While I’m thinking about ways to save you money on these nice Yealink headsets, why not dust off those old headsets you have in that box in the storeroom, and trade them in. That’s right, you can get cash or credit for those old headsets, your choice. And here’s a little insider tip; you can use the coupon code AND the trade in credit together. You’ll love the price, and I think you’ll really love these headsets. 

Lease as an alternative

To help make getting new headsets easier, because budgets can be tight sometimes, you’ll be happy to know that we have a unique headset lease program that’s extremely affordable. Headsets start at just $2.00 per month, which I think is a price anyone can afford. Oh,and those headset accessories, well, they’re included in that low monthly rate, so you won’t be paying extra for that stuff. And the warranty never expires either.

So if you’d like to know more about the Yealink headsets, or any of our programs, contact us today.

Headset for avayaHeadset for ciscoHeadset for grandstreamHeadset for polycomYealink wireless headset

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