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First off, the new series of Yealink wireless headsets are amazing! Yealink is highly recognized in the desk phone world, but in the past hasn't made headsets.

On their first series, they hit a home run. You can see the Yealink headset compatibility guide here as well to reference the different models. 

In the past, you use to have to buy a wireless headset + an adapter to have the ability to answer/end calls when away from the phone.

So, not only did you have a secondary expense you weren't expecting, you would also have cords all over the place!

You can see the video below with what I'm referring to

This will show you how the Yealink wireless headsets get setup vs how other wireless headsets would get setup in the past with all the clutter.

The fix on getting your Yealink wireless headset to work

Yealink wireless headsets are extremely plug and play to your desk phone, so you may be confused if it doesn't work.

Step 1

First off you need to make sure you have a compatible Yealink desk phone. If you have another phone that isn't Yealink with a USB port, it may not be USB headset compatible.

Although it will plug in, it won't work. If you have another desk phone that isn't Yealink and is a Polycom VVX250 or VVX450 for example, the Yealink wireless line of headsets will work.

You just won't get the feature to answer/end calls when away from the phone with your headset on a desk phone that isn't Yealink.

So, first make sure you have a compatible desk phone. If you're not sure if your desk phone is compatible, contact us

Step 2

If you do have a compatible Yealink desk phone and you have the AC power and USB cord connected, and it doesn't work by simply plugging it in, you need to check the firmware version of your Yealink phone.

If your Yealink phone firmware is below version 86, you'll need to have the firmware updated and the headset will work fine.

Now the question is how do you check your phone firmware?

Checking the version of your Yealink phone firmware: Open "Menu" or "Setting" -> "Status" (->"General") and find "Firmware: xx.86.x.xx" as v86

If your phone firmware shows below V86 then you'll want to contact your IT phone support or phone system provider to have your phone updated to V86 or above.

From there your Yealink wireless headset should work. 

Still not working? Try a full reset.

If you have a Yealink WH62 or WH63, to reset your headset follow the quick steps below.

  1. Hold the PC and phone button at the same time for 6 seconds until the charging base resets, then release your fingers.
  2. Unplug your AC power, wait 10 seconds then reconnect.
  3. Try using the headset

If you have the Yealink WH67 or WH66, to reset your headset follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the settings icon
  2. Go to Advanced settings > Reset configuration
  3. The screen will ask if you want to reset. Confirm the prompt.

The base will reboot and your Yealink headset should be reset. Try using the headset to see if it now works.


For any reason these troubleshooting steps don't help, contact us today and we'll be able to to provide you further support and see if we can find a resolution for you. 

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